ENC1145 Section 26

Writing About Public Servie and Community Action

Instructor: Heather Lang

Email: hl12d@my.fsu.edu




-Prior ENC1101 class

-Bringing assigned readings to class


Office Hours

Room: Williams 239

Tuesday 4:00-6:00 PM

Wednesday 1:00-3:00 PM




This website is made for a community service based ENC1145. Our Group was assigned to work at the Tallahassee Museum. After volunteering we had to individully chose a community issue that the Museum supports and create a research paper and media campaign to educate and promote the topic. This website serves as a portfolio to showcase and combine all of our work and campaigns.  

Our Portfolio

Freshman Special Topics in Composition


Abigale Pruitt, Rebekah Malkin,
Katelin Brear and Thomas Parrotta